For fans who were wondering if Dragon Age 4 is cancelled, the announcement of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf was a relief. Currently, we do not know who you will play in Dragon Age 4 but many players are hoping for the return of fan favorites. For instance, will the Gray Warden return for Dragon Age 4?

About the Guardian

The Guardian is the highly customizable character from the original dragon age Game, Dragon Age: Origins. Depending on the player’s choice of race (human, elf, or dwarf) and class (warrior, rogue, or mage), that player character has a different backstory.

Without giving away much, suffice it to say that all the stories – however diverse – end in some form of tragedy for the main character, which leads him to join an order of legendary warriors called the Gray Wardens to fight the Blight – a supernatural war against creatures known as darkspawn – and ultimately defeat an archdemon.

But the guardian’s adventure is not just the adventure of another hero’s journey. It can be, depending on the players’ choices, but while the game isn’t open world as such and the quests are quite structured, the player experience can vary widely.

Throughout the game, dialogue options are plentiful and diverse, there are different romance options, and the guardian’s decisions during quests affect the world – and companions’ approval – in big or small ways.
As such, players tend to grow attached to their Guardians, who end up feeling like their own characters. But while the two dragon age 2 and Dragon Age: Inquisition mention the guardian, the character does not appear.

Will the guardian return in Dragon Age 4?

At the time of writing, we have little confirmation on Dragon Age 4 other than its title and one of the main/antagonist characters, as anyone who has played so far knows who the dread wolf is. As such, we don’t know if the director will return.

In 2021, Christian Dailey, who has since left Bioware, hinted at a possible return of the Warden, but this has yet to be confirmed.

In dragon age inquisition, depending on the state of the world you choose to import, different characters who have also appeared in Origins might inform you that the Guardian is on a distant quest to find a cure for the Call that ends up causing the untimely death of all Gray Guardians fighting the darkspawn just decades after their initiation.

At this point, it’s unclear if the director will succeed. But even if they do, and if they manage to return to Ferelden safely, there would be practical problems if Bioware tried to reintroduce them.

First of all, depending on the players’ choices in Origins, (or even if a player chooses to import Bioware’s default world state into Inquisition) the director might not even be alive. In this case, if the director were to appear Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, they should have a small role that wouldn’t impact the plot too much, otherwise someone else would have to take over the director’s role if the director was dead.

Another complication arises from the fact that Origins is an old game, from a time when protagonists in RPGs were usually unvoiced. For those who have experienced more modern games, this may now seem to break the immersion. However, there are also positives.

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The lack of a voice actor for the main character meant that the game’s creators did not have to limit their dialogue options, with up to five responses often available. This meant that there were almost limited ways to develop the director’s personality.

Nowadays, the game’s protagonists are no longer voiceless, and it wouldn’t make sense to bring the Guardian back without a voice actor. Given the vastly different ways in which different people have developed their Warden, some fans are bound to be unhappy with the style of voice used, if a voice actor was cast.

Of course, at this point we can mostly speculate, as little is known about Dragon Age 4. When more information becomes available about the game and its characters, we will update with more information.




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