By Anna Noel

The Cuero Disc

DeWitt County game warden Trey Kram was recently honored by the National Wild Turkey Federation as Texas Game Warden of the Year.

Kram said: “It is important to remember that as conservation law enforcement we hold a great deal of knowledge and experience when it comes to preserving our wildlife and wild spaces for the future generations. It is essential that we share this information with our communities to enable individuals to make better choices. »

Kram took the opportunity to speak about wildlife conservation while addressing the Lions Club, Rotary Club, Wildlife Management Association and local schools.

“As a turkey hunting hotspot, DeWitt County is often preyed upon by poachers,” Texas Parks and Wildlife said. “Over the decades, the South Texas region has seen turkey populations stagnate or disappear. Using his extensive knowledge of the terrain and wildlife populations, Warden Kram focused his attention on apprehending turkey poachers. Often writing citations for off-season hunting, criminal trespassing and turkey possession during a closed season, Warden Kram sent a strong message that following hunting regulations is necessary to maintain bird populations.

“‘First of all, it’s a question of fairness,'” Kram said. , it’s also about native populations of turkeys.”

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