While most people couldn’t imagine taking a job as a traffic cop, dealing with abuse and hefty fines all day, one ‘parking cop’ said how much he appreciated what he did everything while supporting the British public. .

The manager said they really like handing out parking tickets and have no sympathy for drivers who park incorrectly.

They explained: “I get dropped off in high traffic areas by my boss when my shift starts.

“We know where and when drivers are parking illegally – and yes, we’re targeting you.

“If I am at the start of the shift, I am dropped off in the school zones.

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“Then there are those who even claim that a parent is deceased.”

The worshipers aren’t spared the Headmaster’s wrath either, with the prayer for forgiveness probably not doing much.

The director said: “Resident areas near places of worship on Sunday mornings are another hot spot for us. They may be God-fearing people inside the church praying and singing, but outside their cars are everywhere.

“It’s the same for those who go to mosques, they also park where they want.”

For those considering a move into the much maligned profession, the director has encouraging news.

They said, “The traffic cop life is sweet. I work 37.5 hours a week.

“Four years ago I found myself in a crap job working stupid long hours and making silly money. That’s why I applied for a local council job.

“(But) contrary to public opinion, I have NO incentive to issue tickets. If I was, I would be a millionaire.”

It seems that once a ticket is issued, there’s not much a driver can do to change a guard’s mind.

The officer told The Sun: “People try to get out of a parking ticket. But once it’s issued I can’t cancel it.

“I’ve had people give it back to me, I’ve had one stuck in my back, another ripped in front of me. People get really angry because they made a mistake and parked at the wrong place.

“The worst offenders for illegal parking are men. It’s down to arrogance and laziness. When they get a ticket, many take on a ‘he’s a good cop, guv’ attitude.

“The worst for abuse? It’s the women – they can be damn vicious.”


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