The following notes were compiled from recent Texas Parks and Wildlife Law Enforcement reports and released in a news release. Here are some of the craziest reports from the latest edition of the Ministry of Game Warden Field Notes:

Children say the darkest things

A Polk County game warden received a call from county dispatch regarding a father and his 9-year-old son who had become stuck in their buggy in the bottom of a deer lease. They attempted to return to their camp and got lost in the process. The county dispatcher was able to ping their location within a three-mile radius. Once in the area, the keeper was able to follow the tracks to the father and son. Dad commented to the son, “Yeah, maybe it’s bad luck to be the second time we’ve been stuck together,” the son replies, “but every time, dad, you were driving.” The director replied, “You’re a smart kid,” and presented him with a Texas Game Warden badge.

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shabby situation

The cargo was being inspected at a Dallas-Fort Worth airport by Customs and Border Protection agriculture specialists and U.S. Fish and Wildlife inspectors when they came across packages containing what they claimed to be steel pliers. The package did not have the expected weight and was opened for inspection. Inside the box were many bags of vegetable seeds and dried shrimp. One package contained seeds of Ipomoea Aquatica (water spinach), which is an aquatic pest species in Texas. A second package claimed to be shirts. Wrapped inside the clothes was a bag that also contained seeds of Ipomoea Aquatica. It is illegal to import or possess seeds in Texas. The cases were referred to a Tarrant County game warden and the packages seized as evidence. People who imported the products received citations. The cases are pending.

Swift water rescue

A Terrell County game warden responded to a call from the sheriff’s office when a local rancher was caught in a flash flood. His truck was dead and starting to move downstream from the rising waters reaching the hood of his truck. It was dark and there were no lights to illuminate his way to safety, so he called 911 for help. The director responded with an assistant and volunteers. Armed with whitewater personal flotation devices (PFDs), a throw bag and a rope, they were able to make their way to the truck and extract the rancher safely while keeping the fences in mind. downstream that could trap anyone who might lose their footing in the whitewater. Everyone came home safe and sound that night.

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Cue the Mutombo Finger Wag

Two Jefferson County game wardens were patrolling Taylor’s bayou when they saw a man in a shallow mud boat approaching them quickly in the narrow bayou. The guards motioned the subject to slow down and he waved at them. Guards were able to position their patroller next to the subject and capture his full attention, causing him to stop. The subject claimed that he did not understand that they had asked him to stop. After checking his safety equipment, guards opened an investigation after seeing signs of intoxication. The director placed the subject under arrest for drunken browsing (BWI) and committed him to the Jefferson County Jail. The subject consented to a voluntary blood draw. The case is ongoing.

Early Bird gets the ticket

Galveston County game wardens were patrolling Galveston Bay and East Bay and saw several shrimp boats maneuvering in a manner consistent with shrimp fishing. A ship had nets and doors in the water. When asked to retrieve the fillet, he revealed cod. Several vessels have been cited for fishing shrimp before legal hours. Business is ongoing.

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four-wheeler of misfortune

While patrolling public lands in Twin Buttes in Tom Green County, a local game warden made contact with several people driving off-road vehicles. Some of the people were unable to produce a limited public use permit, as required to access public land. The manager decided to check if some of the ATVs had been stolen and discovered that an individual was in possession of a stolen four-wheeler from a nearby town. The case was forwarded to the originating court for investigation.

Don’t I know you?

A Montgomery County game warden received a call from a local deer camp tenant who said he had received photos of a truck entering the property without his consent. While responding to the location, the manager provided the sheriff’s deputies with the location of the lease and the layout of the property. Deputies entered the property, due to heavy rain and lack of 4X4 ​​vehicles. They apprehended a suspect, who entered the camp illegally and was filling bags with hunting gear. The manager arrived and helped get the suspect, his vehicle and the property officers out. The director previously arrested the suspect for theft of property and theft of an ATV and other property from a nearby deer lease in 2017. The suspect was charged with burglary of a dwelling and had a trespass warrant parole for the previous charge.

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