The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) 2022 Guard Stamp is now available for purchase online. The Warden Stamp, an annual sticker released by the department, is a collector’s item for many Californians. Funds raised through Warden Stamp sales are used to support wildlife officers by helping to purchase essential equipment, protective gear and training for wildlife officers and the K-9 program of the Division of law enforcement. For the first time since its creation in 2010, the stamp showcases a species of raptor native to California: the bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus).

CDFW’s 2022 guard stamp features the iconic head of a bald eagle along with a wildlife officer badge.

“In choosing the 2022 Warden stamp, we wanted to highlight a species that inspires strength and resilience,” said David Bess, CDFW deputy director and head of the law enforcement division. “The bald eagle, once close to extinction in the lower 48 states, has made a remarkable comeback thanks to the enforcement of protective laws and special management programs. Purchasing this stamp will not only show continued support for CDFW’s efforts to manage and protect California’s diverse fish, wildlife and plant resources, but will also support the success that can come when we all work together for conservation.

The 2022 stamp, featuring an image of a bald eagle and a CDFW wildlife officer badge, is now on sale for $ 5.

The Warden Stamp Program was launched in 2010 to address the need for better equipment and training for state wildlife officers and to provide funds for special law enforcement programs. Since 1871, wildlife officers have been instrumental in educating and enforcing the laws put in place to maintain the state’s many plant and animal species, such as the bald eagle.

Today, wildlife officers patrol on foot, by plane, by boat, on horseback, and in various vehicles. While their primary goals of protecting California’s plants and animals remain the same, threats to these species and their habitats are constantly changing. From the growing threat of wildfires, internet wildlife traffickers and learning to navigate through a global pandemic – CDFW Wildlife Officers remain committed to being stewards of the natural resources of the Golden State. Residents can continue to support Wildlife Officers and their mission by purchasing the 2022 Warden stamp.

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