SAN DIEGO – Looking for a career with great benefits, great employees, and good pay? Director Kelly Metz is looking for men and women who would like to become correctional officers and work with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ), including the Ernestine Glossbrenner Unit in San Diego.

TDCJ has a new program known as Director Direct Hire. This program was designed to help understaffed correctional institutions recruit correctional officers.

“Originally, they only had it available in certain units that were understaffed, like 40% and below,” Metz said. “Management decided that we had units where we could eventually hire and overcrowd staff so that we could use those extra correctional officers (elsewhere). Additional officers would give us the ability to rotate so that (officers) could help these other units.”

Ernestine Glossbrenner Unit in San Diego

The direct hire program would give people the chance to get a good job with the Glossbrenner unit and go through the hiring process, including face-to-face interviews and background checks.

“I can hire you here. Officers will have to go and help other units as needed. All officers will,” Metz said. “Normally (a candidate) wouldn’t hear anything from Huntsville for two or three months, but now we’re looking at a week, tops. We’re sending you faster and to the academy.”

Officers who are hired and those who complete the academy will then assist understaffed units, but Glossbrenner will ferry officers to a unit before their shift and return them home after their shift.

“It’s a wonderful little thing we have now. Trying to overcrowd ourselves so we can have 100 officers who can help other units,” Metz said. “We dispatch officers give officers from other units time to sleep or a day off. We don’t babysit. We have to keep the community safe and keep these guys staying. in the privacy of the property.staff it makes it much more difficult.they work overtime and they are tired.

The program is also used for maintenance workers and may come with additional incentives.

Anyone wishing to apply can go to www.tdcj. Find the application online, print it, and complete it. Return to the Glossbrenner unit located at 5100 South Farm-to-Market 1329 in San Diego.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Metz urges those looking for a good career to submit an application directly to them to speed up the process.


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