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Photo by Tim Ferris courtesy of Skye Mediawa

Saratoga Springs roots rockers Warden and Co. just released their new album, “Somewhere,” and to celebrate, we asked Seth Warden to tell us about the single “Lifeguard.” Here is the story :

Thank you,, for taking the time to support our music! For your “Singled Out” series, I chose to talk about our song “Lifeguard”. First of all, let us specify that it is not always necessary to be at the beach or at the swimming pool to need a lifeguard. Sometimes a lifeguard can literally save your life in situations that have nothing to do with water! This person can be a friend, a teacher, a musician or a family member who gives you “life” when you feel you have no more.

I met my lifeguard in 1998 at the College of St. Rose in Albany, NY, and I refer to my wife, who proved to be a true lifeguard throughout high school. She’s been by my side on this crazy musical journey through all the incredible highs and depressing lows that come with a career in music. Her ability to stay grounded, focused and disciplined inspired me to never give up and pursue my dreams.

The recording of this song was unique, as it was the first song on the album where I put down my Taylor guitar and picked up a 1958 Martin acoustic (owned by producer/engineer Chris Carey). I started selecting the riff on it, and the sound matched the song perfectly. I doubled the guitar part, Doug Moody played viola, Brian Melick did all the percussion, and Chris Carey played bass guitar and the amazing piano part at the end of the song. That piano part under the vocals at the end took the song to a whole new level for us!

To hear is to believe. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the album here

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