It’s not quite Christmas yet, however, on Thursday, December 9, the Guilford County Commissioners Council granted a holiday wish from the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department and approved an order form for further news. patrol cars and other vehicles the department has had a heck of a time securing in today’s auto market.

The board dealt with the matter at the special meeting which was called quickly so that the ministry could go ahead and purchase the vehicles before another law enforcement agency rushed in and got them. bought.

County commissioners held the December 9 virtual meeting at 6:00 p.m. and by 6:15 p.m. the council had completed its business and adjourned. Ultimately, the board approved purchase orders for 29 new law enforcement vehicles at a cost of just over $ 939,000.

In June, county commissioners put money for new Sheriff’s Department cars and other vehicles in the county’s 2021-2022 tax budget. However, unlike in the pre-pandemic years, there was a shortage of specialty cars on the market, and the Sheriff’s Department team had to put in some effort and call dealers across the country to find the cars needed. Even though the council of commissioners had approved the money in the budget, the council still had to approve a purchase order.

Guilford County Sheriff Danny Rogers attended the online meeting to answer any questions, although it immediately became apparent that the commissioners did not need anyone to convince them to buy the cars. Each year the ministry receives new vehicles to replace aging ones.

Guilford County Sheriff’s Department captain Aldous Heron told commissioners automobiles are driven hard due to the constant rapid acceleration, chases, sitting and idling for long periods of time , etc. He said the department likes to sell a vehicle once it hits 100,000 miles, but lately uses them until it hits 150,000 or 160,000 miles. Heron said that after that number of miles, a car becomes a safety concern for officers as well as civilians driving on the road.


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