Sheriff Robert Phillips reports on the week’s activity.

On April 4, Deputy Doug Popp responded to Humphries Mining Road on a nationwide call. The complainant said her boyfriend hit her with a flashlight and smashed her TV and a mirror in the bathroom. There was a visible laceration above his left eye. The male subject was not located that night. The following day, Captain Perry Green, Colonel Bill Lee and Deputy Jonathan Chancy searched a residence on Buck Crews Road for the subject. The subject was hidden in the bedroom of the house. A search of his person revealed a bag of suspected methamphetamine and a smoking glass. Subject was arrested and charged with assault under the Domestic Violence Act, criminal trespassing, possession of a Schedule I controlled substance, and possession of drug-related items.

On April 6, Deputy Kurtis Ford responded to Paxton Road. The complainant said an Amazon delivery driver hit a pole on her property. The driver admitted to backing into the post. An accident report was completed for the complainant.

On April 7, Deputy Jeffery Floyd clocked a vehicle traveling at 79 MPH in a 55 MPH zone. Deputy Floyd performed a traffic stop. The driver’s license came back suspended after being executed by the GCIC. The driver was arrested and charged with driving with a suspended license.

On April 8, Deputy Doug Popp responded to Alma Walker Road. The Complainant stated that his ATV had been removed from his residence without permission. The 2017 Polaris Sportsman has been listed with the GCIC as stolen and the matter is under investigation.

On April 8, Deputy Doug Popp answered Dallas Circle on a nationwide call. The occupants of the house had been arguing over a dog when one subject slammed his door, knocking the other subject to the ground. After taking statements from the witnesses, Deputy Popp requested that the subjects separate for the night. The subject determined to be the primary aggressor stated that he did not need to do what Deputy Popp advised. Deputy Popp arrested the subject and charged him with disorderly conduct.

On April 9, Deputy Jonathan Chancy observed a white Dodge Ram go through a red light at Martin Street and the Ga 4 freeway. Deputy Chancy had previously received a BOLO from Nassau County, Florida for the same vehicle. Deputy Chancy activated his lights and siren, but the vehicle continued south on Ga 4. The vehicle continued south into Florida where Nassau County deputies were able to stop the vehicle.


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