Chet Madison Jr. will debut on September 1

Chet Madison Jr. speaks during a virtual town hall to discuss his candidacy for Sacramento State Police Chief on May 20, 2021. Madison was announced as the new Chief of the Sacramento Police Department on Tuesday. of Sacramento State, according to Vice President for Administration and Chief Financial Officer Jonathan Bowman. Photo taken via Zoom by Alec Ramey.

A chief deputy with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office was named the new chief of the Sacramento State Police Department on Tuesday, according to a BagSend email Sac State’s vice president for administration and chief financial officer, Jonathan Bowman.

The new chief, Chet Madison Jr., has worked in the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office since 1996 and has been deputy chief since 2017. Madison will take up his new role at Sac State on Sept. 1.

A graduate of CSU Long Beach with a master’s degree in emergency services administration, Madison oversaw areas such as field and investigations, support services, and contract and regional services as chief deputy, and he previously worked as a captain in the Central Patrol Division.

Madison plans to “prioritize meeting and listening to the campus community early on in her appointment,” according to Bowman’s email.

At a town hall meeting held in Sac State in May with candidates for chief, Madison said he intended to hold his staff accountable for any potential racist actions by soliciting honest feedback from the community and then resolving the situation immediately.

“One of the things we need to address is that we need to speak out against any type of racism,” Madison said. “If that happens, there is no room for it. We do not want individuals who support racism. It is not part of the fabric of our community.

Madison also told the town hall that he plans to make himself available to speak with the university community about their experiences and level of comfort with law enforcement.

Madison will succeed outgoing leader Mark Iwasa, who worked at the university for 10 years and announced his retirement in March.


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