Rainbow Six SiegePatch Y2S1.2 saw Operator Warden get a buff to his main gadget Glance Smart Glasses. The buff increased both the duration and cooldown of the gadget to 20 seconds – a substantial increase from the previous 10 seconds. This change to Warden provided players with more opportunities to use his Glance smart glasses, a gadget that allows users to negate the effects of other gadgets that stun, blind, or make it difficult to see Warden. But despite this buff, Warden remains a very specialized operator.


The large number of playable Operators in Rainbow Six Siege means that even the same team can execute wildly different compositions to counter, adapt, or even throw the enemy team out of their playstyle. Some teams like to throw caution to the wind when going through reinforced walls and rushing into building. Others like to slow things down and spot the goal before they move. All attacking teams Rainbow Six Siege uses gadgets that can obstruct defenders’ vision, which is why Warden is such a situational pick. With that in mind, giving Warden secondary gadgets that complement his Glance Smart Glasses will make him a more viable Operator.

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Stun and Smoke Grenades will make Warden a force to be reckoned with

Secondary gadgets that will make Warden more powerful are definitely stun and smoke grenades. These throwable projectiles are what the attacking team uses most often to block defenders’ lines of sight and provide Warden with situations to use his Glance smart glasses. Main gadgets such as Ying’s Candelas and Blitz’s Flash Shield also require the use of a Guardian, but few teams run these operators as much as they can easily choose stun or smoke grenades to supplement their existing team.

Giving stun or smoke grenades to Warden goes against the standards of conventional gadgets (the two secondary gadgets are for attacking Operators only), but they make Warden extremely useful. Being able to throw these grenades allows Warden to dictate the terms of a fight. A properly deployed stun or smoke grenade followed by the use of his Glance smart glasses can provide him with an opening to reposition, defend, or even attack the enemy team. Since only Warden benefits from using his gadget and not his allies, this could make for a balanced strategy if combined with the right number of smoke or stun grenades allocated to Warden.

Similar strategies have already been implemented in the game

This one-two combo of combining an Operator’s primary gadget with their secondary is nothing new. Reworked Operator Glaz to have his HDS Flip Sight highlight enemies. When combined with Smoke Grenades (an essential secondary gadget for the Operator), Glaz could create opportunities for him to easily see enemies through smoke.

Warden himself can do a similar tactic in-game, though it requires help from another teammate. With Operator Smoke on his team providing sight-altering gas grenades, Warden and his team can effectively block the passageways. Gas grenades already damage those walking in their effective vicinity, but if the enemy gets curious and peeks around the corner, Warden can easily take them out with his Glance smart glasses. It’s an effective combination, but it requires good timing and good communication with teammates. Giving Warden a few stun or smoke grenades will allow him to create these situations on his own without needing a smoke in the team.

It’s unclear whether giving Warden these secondary gadgets will make him overpowered or not, but that’s what the Rainbow Six Siege test servers are for. PC players can test the strength of stun and smoke grenades on Warden, and Ubisoft can see whether or not they can add it to live servers. If Warden players end up dominating matches, Ubisoft can either implement nerfs to his gadget or decrease the number of grenades he has. Player feedback will allow the developers to balance Warden, allowing him to become a more prominent choice in Rainbow Six Siege.

Rainbow Six Siege is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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