PENNSYLVANIA (WHTM) – A Pennsylvania state game warden has dealt with not one, not two, but seven bears in less than a week.

A game warden who serves in the southwestern region of the state received a call about a nuisance bear in a trap and found an untagged female black bear. The bear was moved about 20 miles on State Game Land 42 after it was determined there was no evidence of cubs.

Two hours later, the game warden received a call about a bear the size of a basketball lying on the ground where the trap was. He responded to the scene to find two cubs in two different trees. After throwing and treating the two cubs, he placed them together in a culvert trap.

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Not knowing if there was another bear in the area, he placed an additional trap next to the one with the cubs. The next day, the second trap was empty.

The trap with the two cubs was moved to State Game Land 42 near where the female bear was moved. The keeper set up a second trap next to the trap with the cubs in hopes of reuniting them with the mother.

Two days later, the keeper came back and found a different bear in the second trap. The bear turned out to be a previously tagged bear that was determined to be a missing collared female that could not be found during the 2022 den season.

While handling the newly discovered bear, the keeper looked up and saw three cubs in the tree above him.

The keeper decided to immobilize the female bear in the trap and transferred the orphan cubs into the trap with her. The director hoped the two cubs could roll beside her and suckle before she woke up.

After leaving the bears for the day, the keeper returned to find that all the bears were gone with no signs of distress. The keeper thinks the reintroduction went well, but had no video of the bears leaving the traps together.


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