About 40 police officers from multiple jurisdictions descended on the Lawrence County Jail on the morning of June 1 over unrest inside.

This morning’s actions triggered several changes at the prison, including a change in leadership.

At the time, the cause of concern was said to have been a protest by disgruntled inmates because the computer kiosks where they could consult their files were down.

The initial report was that 49 of the 63 inmates in one of the cell blocks gathered in a common area and refused to enter their cells before lunch, which is usual. Due to the protest, all available units were called in to respond to the prison.

No injuries were reported at the time.

About six weeks later, on July 21, District Attorney Joshua Lamancusa told a prison board meeting that after reviewing the evidence, the incident was “not a peaceful protest. “.

In a criminal complaint that charged six people with the riot, then manager Brian Covert reported that mattresses had been removed from cells and propped up against the front door of the accommodation, blocking the entrance.

A prison major responded for help, but was charged by five inmates who were trying to get his gun.

The Major threw the pepper gun into the officers’ toilet, which was recovered by inmate Brendan Shropshire, who was unable to get it to work.

Another inmate was seen breaking a wooden broom handle to prevent assistance from entering through a door.

About 15 minutes after the incident started, 9-1-1 was called and reinforcements arrived, with city officials deploying tear gas, flashbangs and pepper spray to secure the cell block. .

The people charged to date are: Christian Allen Rozier, 35; Marc Allen Taylor, 43; Benjamin Frank Jones, 41; Aaron Lamont Johnson, 25; Kailin Damar Stewart, 24 and Shropshire, 25.

In November, the union representing the prison officers sent a letter to the county prison council and commissioners, detailing the prison’s problems and the “hostile working environment” caused by the management which prompted them to many workers to resign.

The next day, the prison council accepted Covert’s resignation and placed the deputy warden on paid administrative leave.

Captain Michael J. Mahlmeister has been appointed interim warden and a sixth post of captain has been created at the prison, a post held by Colin Wallace.

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