A new snapshot for the Java version of Minecraft was released and introduced a powerful new ability for the dreaded next boss Warden. The 22W15A snapshot is a response to players who thought the Guardian was easy to escape and the new ability added for the Guardian specifically combats that.

Players who have tested the previous Minecraft snapshots revealed that if they rose away from the Guardian, there was nothing the creature could do to reach or attack them. This made escaping the Guardian quite easy as long as you had a few blocks and a bit of patience, as the Guardian would eventually give up and retreat into the ground, giving players a chance to escape.

Screenshot via Mojang

Now the Warden has a powerful ranged sonic boom attack that activates when players attempt to hide behind walls or elevate. Whenever players perform these actions or otherwise become out of range of the Guardian’s melee attack, the beast switches to its formidable ranged attack that can penetrate through walls.

Screenshot via Mojang

Having a shield is essential against the goalkeeper. However, while a shield can block a wave of the Guardian’s sonic boom, the attack disables shields, meaning that after a hit, players will be temporarily defenseless.

It is now almost impossible to face the guardian even while wearing fully enchanted Netherite armor and using enchanted Netherite tools, as the creature is relentless and incredibly powerful. Ultimately, when faced with the Guardian, players’ best hope for survival is to try and get away from the powerful creature.

A full list of featured features, changes made, and bugs fixed in snapshot 22W15A is available below, courtesy of Mojang.

New features in 22W15A

  • Added “When the Squad Jumps to Town” advancement to get every frog variant on a track
  • Added “Sneak 100” advancement for sneaking near a Sculk Sensor or Guardian to prevent it from hearing you
  • Added a new ranged attack to the Guardian

Guardian Ranged Attack

  • Building high, hiding behind walls, or being out of range of their powerful melee attack will force Guardians to switch to their ranged attack
    • Their ribcages will open to scream a sonic-charged ranged attack that can penetrate walls

Changes in 22W15A

  • Added Darkness effect to “How Did We Get Here?” advancement
  • Allies have a natural health regeneration of 2 hit points per second
  • Main menu background now shows Wild Update panorama
  • Mud generates from the surface to the stone in the mangroves
  • Tall mangroves are much more common than short mangroves in mangroves
  • Carpet of Moss Generated Above the Roots of Mangrove Tree
  • The Traveling Merchant will now sometimes offer Propagules for sale
  • Reverted a previous change to Notepads that only woolen and woolen rugs blocked sound
  • Guardians can now sniff you from further away
  • The vertical range of guardians getting angry at a target while sniffing is now 20 blocks instead of 6 blocks

Vibration changes

  • Carpets, like Wool Blocks, will now dampen vibration caused by placing, breaking, or dropping them as objects
  • Now mats also dampen vibrations caused by running and jumping over them.

Technical changes in 22W15A

  • Removed item_delivered_to_player advancement trigger
  • Added advancement trigger throw_item_picked_up_by_player
  • Added vibration avoidance advancement trigger
  • Added sonic_explosion particle


New triggers

  • Triggers when a player picks up an item that was thrown by an entity
  • Terms:
    • player – a predicate for the player picking up the item
    • entity – a predicate for the entity that launched the item
    • item – a predicate for the item
  • Triggers when a vibration event is ignored because the source drive is holding the discrete key
  • Terms:
    • player – a player this trigger is executing for

Game events

  • Game event tag renamed ignore_vibrations_on_occluding_block to dampenable_vibrations
  • Added block tag dampens_vibrations to indicate blocks that will not trigger vibrations when placed, broken, or stepped on
  • Article tag renamed occludes_vibration_signals to dampens_vibrations article tag as well

Fixed bugs in 22W15A

  • MC-36783 – Item frames/light item frames do not change their hitbox if they contain a card
  • MC-147686 – Joining a world that uses custom resources shows default resources until fully loaded
  • MC-183520 – Ghosts with NoAI can walk through blocks
  • MC-212610 – Luminous Lichens cannot be put on Soul Sand
  • MC-212629 – Leashes of two or more invisible entities connect to each other
  • MC-216567 – Vines cannot be placed on the sides of 8 layers of snow
  • MC-216569 – Glowing Lichen cannot be placed on the side of 8 layers of snow
  • MC-219642 – Vines cannot be placed on the sides of soul sand
  • MC-231458 – The word “ingot” in the description of the “Serious Dedication” advancement is incorrectly capitalized
  • MC-235035 – Sleeping in custom dimension with “natural” set to false causes crash
  • MC-237924 – The word “villager” in the description of the “Star Trader” advancement is capitalized incorrectly
  • MC-249072 – Sculk screamers replace water blocks
  • MC-249087 – Interior texture of mangrove roots darkens when solid blocks are placed next to them
  • MC-249094 – Unexpected culling of inner sculk howler faces
  • MC-249111 – sculk_charge cannot be used in /particle command
  • MC-249208 – Vines, Glow Lichens and Thatch Veins cannot be placed on the side or top faces of mud
  • MC-249315 – Mangrove roots cannot be composted
  • MC-249347 – The map color for the mangrove sign and the mangrove wall sign is incorrect
  • MC-249423 – You cannot open the boat with chests without change, even when you cannot enter the boat
  • MC-249445 – Activated sculk howlers fail to summon the guardian when broken
  • MC-249488 – Dark pulse option is not saved
  • MC-249495 – Inconsistent shading in boat object sprites
  • MC-249664 – Guardian disappears when away
  • MC-249688 – Mangrove stairs come after the bottom wooden stairs in the Building Blocks tab
  • MC-249737 – Allay can be hustled with {NoAI:1b}
  • MC-249741 – New advancement names are not properly capitalized
  • MC-249785 – Guardian can be pushed as it emerges and digs
  • MC-249917 – Mangroves do not replace some blocks with roots
  • MC-249923 – Salvage Compass is not sorted with Regular Compass in Creative Inventory
  • MC-249927 – You can use a recovery compass on a lodestone
  • MC-249931 – Growing a Mangrove Tree with Bone Meal creates a Ghost Block
  • MC-249933 – Frog related game crash occurred (Accessing LegacyRandomSource from multiple threads)
  • MC-249934 – Mangrove roots sometimes do not generate water when generated in water
  • MC-249936 – Cave carvers do not cut through mud
  • MC-249938 – Mangrove leaves do not fall off Silk Touch tools
  • MC-249942 – The water was removed after the growth of the waterlogged mangrove propagule
  • MC-249947 – Top of Sculk Shrieker model is squashed vertically
  • MC-249966 – Guardian can forget a target they just roared at
  • MC-249968 – Powering a beacon disconnects the player from the server
  • MC-249977 – Harsh block borders appear when upgrading a 1.18.2 world
  • MC-249979 – Chance to have unwaterlogged mangrove roots when growing a sapling underwater
  • MC-249980 – The description of the progress of the birthday song is incorrectly capitalized
  • MC-249984 – note_block is spelled inconsistently as noteblock in advancement allay_deliver_cake_to_noteblock
  • MC-250017 – Launch argument UUID required
  • MC-250025 – The advancement “You have a friend in me” is presented incorrectly in the past tense
  • MC-250099 – Mangrove Logs and Mangrove Planks do not appear in the bonus chest
  • MC-250101 – Unable to plant sugar cane on mud
  • MC-250103 – Unable to plant bamboo on mud
  • MC-250104 – Unable to plant large dripleaf on mud
  • MC-250106 – Overworld vegetation cannot be placed on muddy mangrove roots

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