Boston Magistrates Court.

Rory Guntert, 31, of Belmont Close, Cleethorpes, admitted to being assaulted with punches while appearing in Boston Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

Continuing, Marie Stace said on November 19 that the law enforcement officer in question approached a car parked in a disabled parking space in Wide Bargate and asked the woman sitting on the passenger seat if the car could be moved, but was told the driver was at a nearby store.

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She said the officer started issuing a parking ticket, at which point Guntert walked out of the store, got in the car and drove off without accepting the penalty.

She said the agent continued to write the note, but then Guntert, who stopped his car for a short while

distance, came back and slammed the machine out of their hands.

By way of mitigation, Philippa Chatterton said Guntert went through an “extremely difficult” time as he

was breaking up with his partner and had also just learned that he was suffering

of an as yet unidentified serious medical condition which was causing him great distress.

She said Guntert said the car was parked properly and what he did was in “a moment of madness”.

Magistrates imposed a 12-month parole and ordered Guntert to pay a total of £107 in court costs and charges.

They made no compensation order.


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