The Savage Update, the newest addition to Minecraft, adds several new features, including new creatures and biomes. Now players can find a brand new miniboss named Warden in one of these new biomes. Although a formidable enemy, this creature is also one of the main attractions of The Wild Update. Knowing more about the Guardian is essential. Especially if crafters want to prepare for a trip to the ancient cities of Deep Dark to locate some of the new treasures in Minecraft 1.19. You will need this information if you want to force a confrontation or simply learn how to avoid the Guardian. We’ll go over everything you need to know about the Guardian in this article, including where to find it, how to fight it, and how to escape, if necessary, in Minecraft 1.19.

How to find the guardian in Minecraft

Only in the Deep Dark can the Guardian be found in Minecraft 1.19. He will no longer come to the surface to wreak havoc in the open air. Since the Deep Dark is located below Y – 0, you will likely encounter the biome while mining for diamonds.

Grab a torch to illuminate your surroundings and enter the Deep Dark. The guardian will then appear if players just start walking around. Sculk, a brand new block that lets vibrations through, is prevalent throughout the Deep Dark. The Sculk Shriekers will then trigger an alert that spawns the guardian as a result of vibrations created by movement, opening doors, looting chests, and building.


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That’s all you need to know if you want to find the Guardian and fight him. Simply explore until you reach the Deep Dark, after which you need to run for a while until it emerges. When the Guardian approaches, candles and other surrounding lights will begin to flicker, letting you know of their presence.

How to Escape the Guardian in Minecraft

Minecraft Escape Guardian

Crouch as you move through the Deep Dark if you wish to escape the Guardian. You can move without awakening adjacent Sculk Shriekers when sneaking because no vibrations are sent through the Sculk. However, Sculk Sensors, which are tiny traps scattered throughout the Deep Dark, should always be avoided. These sensors will emit signals if you step on them, which will notify the guardian.

Every sound you make will cause a vibration that alerts the Guardian and brings them closer. It is recommended to travel alone if you wish to explore the Deep Dark as the Warden will also hear and attack other creatures.

If the Guardian is near, throw something strong to chase it away. The director will investigate the sound and you will have the opportunity to walk away. We advise you to run to the nearest light source if the guardian notices you. Players can use this to their advantage to flee as the Guardian will hide underground from brightly lit areas. However, since the guardian can easily outrun the player at default movement rates, you might want to consider drinking a potion of speed for this sprint.

How to Fight the Guardian in Minecraft

You don’t. With 250 hearts and 3 experience orbs to prove, this battle is pointless.

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