ATLANTA — A janitor charged with drug and cellphone trafficking at Fulton County Jail could face additional charges after investigators say he recovered a stolen weapon from inside his vehicle.

According to court documents, the maintenance worker was filmed handing the phone to an inmate.

What investigators said happened next, with the employee facing felony charges, and it also raises questions about how he was able to smuggle him inside.

“We will not tolerate anyone bringing in contraband and you will go to jail,” Fulton County Sheriff Pat Labat said.

Nearly a month after Labat spoke about a former medical assistant accused of trying to smuggle marijuana, crack and cigarettes into the prison, another contract worker is also at the center of a criminal investigation. .

This time, according to investigators, Jason Mullens, 45, is charged with smuggling a cell phone, marijuana and cigarettes into the prison.

Court documents also allege that when police searched his vehicle parked outside the jail, officers recovered multiple firearms, including one stolen from South Florida.

They also recovered tobacco and counterfeit $100 and $50 bills.


During his interview with investigators, Mullens admitted to bringing tobacco to inmates on several occasions, but he denied the rest of the allegations.

Seiden contacted Labat’s office to learn more about how the contraband got inside, but the sheriff was unavailable for comment.

Labat and his deputies have already cracked down on illegal articles.

In April, Channel 2 Action News had exclusive access inside the prison as deputies carried out a massive shake-up, an all-out search for drugs, phones and weapons.

The crackdown came a week after a detention officer was stabbed repeatedly by an inmate armed with an improvised knife.

The sheriff said the officer was in good spirits and expected to make a full recovery.

In the meantime, this former medical assistant accused of trying to smuggle drugs into the prison, remains a fugitive.



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