Already incarcerated for nearly a dozen criminal offenses, additional charges were brought against county jail inmate Dartagnan Zuback after he assaulted another inmate in August and spat at a corrections officer in early November, according to reports. court records filed by Lycoming County Detective Stephen J. Sorage. Following the November 8 spitting incident, Zuback, 20, of Jersey Shore, was told that additional charges would be brought against him.

Lycoming County Jail inmate faces new charges | News, Sports, Jobs “What a few more charges,” he said, according to an affidavit Sorage filed in District Judge Aaron Biichle’s office. He was charged with felony aggravated harassment by a prisoner for the incident involving the correctional office. In this case, he was reincarcerated in lieu of an additional $75,000 bond.

Zuback said the inmate “refused to fight, so he (Zuback) assaulted him,” the investigator said, adding that the inmate was treated at UPMC for facial injuries. Bail in this case was set at $25,000. Today’s breaking news and more to your inbox

Zuback, jailed early last year on a range of charges ranging from indecent assault to corrupting the morals of a minor, was also charged with one count of common assault for allegedly allegedly attacked an inmate in the cell they shared on August 12. Storage said.

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