SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – The trial against a former Texas County sheriff and his former chief deputy continued Tuesday in Pulaski County.

The former law enforcement couple face six felonies, including two counts of endangering the welfare of a child in addition to two misdemeanor charges.

“I was traumatized,” said a witness whose identity was withheld at the request of the court.

The woman testified about the night former Texas County Deputy Chief Jennifer Tomaszweski held her family, including her infant grandson, at gunpoint during the execution of a mandate.

Special Prosecutor Don Trotter asked, “How was she holding it? Did she have her finger on the trigger? »

“Yeah! That’s what scared me. I kept focusing on her. I watch YouTube a lot. I watch a lot of TV I know about hair triggers. I was really worried because He’s my grandson He’s my daughter, she said.

Prosecutors are trying to paint a picture of deputies, including Tomaszweski, using force.

Law enforcement, including former prison staff, were also called to the witness stand.

The state asked them to remember the times when Tomaszweski brought his young daughter to prison. According to court documents, Tomaszweski allowed his child to move freely among the prisoners.

Trotter asked, “Was Winter in jail?”

“Yes,” said the former jailer.

Trotter said, “Okay. That would be CO-1’s (Tomaszweski) daughter who is Winter?”

“Yes,” said the former jailer.

The former jailer was also asked about a specific occasion in which the child interacted with prisoners.

Trotter asked, “That day Winter walked into the prison, didn’t he?”

“Yes, she did,” replied the former jailer.

Trotter asked, “Where did she go?”

“At first she went to the office as she normally does,” replied the former jailer.

Trotter asked, “Has she ever crossed to the other side?”

“Yes, she did,” said the former jailer.

Trotter asked, “And what did she do?”

“She crossed into a secure area and was in the kitchen area,” the former jailer replied.

Trotter asked, “When she was in the kitchen, did the prisoners have access to her?”

“At that time yes. There were inmates in the kitchen,” says the former jailer.

Trotter asked, “Where are the administrators?”

“Yes, they were,” said the former jailer.

Trotter asked, “Even though they’re administrators, are some of them violent offenders?”

“Yes,” said the former jailer.

Trotter asked, “At that time these administrators, were any of them violent offenders?”

“Yes,” said the former jailer.

Prosecutors expect to call a few more witnesses on Wednesday before the defense has a chance to present its case.

The case was originally scheduled to be heard by a jury, but has since been handed over to a judge to decide. This decision could come as early as Friday.

If pair could face life in prison if convicted.

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