NEW DELHI: Jawaharlal Nehru University administration reiterated on Monday, a day after violent clashes on campus left at least 15 students injured, that there was no ban on serving food non-vegetarian – widely believed to be the contentious issue – and added that some students had objected to havan Ram Navami at Kaveri Hostel, which then led to an altercation.
However, the inn’s mess keeper, Gopal Ram, told TOI that on Saturday a suggestion was made to the mess committee to avoid non-vegetarians on Sunday. “The situation was such that there were two groups – one only wanting plant food and the other opposing it. As a caretaker, it is my duty to defuse the situation. Because the puja was supposed to take place in an adjacent area, I suggested not -vegetarian food could be skipped. But since hostels and messes are democratically run, we left that to the students,” he said. he declares.
The JNU Students’ Union and Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad have both launched “pre-planned attack” allegations against each other.

The university administration said in a statement on Monday that the hostel manager had clarified that there was no ban on serving non-vegetarian food on Sundays and that some students had objected. at the puja. The statement added that Vice Chancellor Santishree Dhulipudi Pandit visited the hostel on Sunday evening to provide an update on the situation.
“It was the occasion of Ram Navmi and a havan was organized by the students of Kaveri hostel and there were students who opposed it. The principals and the dean of students tried to appease them and the havan was concluded peacefully.Despite this, some of the students were not happy and soon after, at dinner time, a ruckus was created and heated arguments were followed by an altercation between the groups,” the statement said.
He added, “We urge everyone to exercise restraint and let the academic environment flourish at JNU without outside disruptions.”
The ABVP claimed the skirmish was not over non-vegetarian food, but over the celebration of a Hindu festival. Rohit Kumar, President of ABVP’s JNU Unit, said, “Students took the initiative to organize the puja independently. It was not a program of ABVP. 3.30pm but was delayed for two hours when students affiliated with leftist organizations arrived in Kaveri and started shouting slogans For three days after news of the havan organization broke we received threats They also attacked women and disabled students.
Mahendra, a resident of Kaveri and an Arab student, said the puja was organized by some students, with even the contribution of students from the Muslim community. “Some of us, with no affiliation to any political ideology, got permission from the administration to observe Ram Navmi. We accepted student contributions and put up a poster two days ago,” Mahendra said. . “A day before the puja, the left-wing parties brought out an unsigned poster in the name of the hostel manager opposing the event.”
JNUSU, however, refuted the claims and said there was evidence that ABVP members heckled the chicken supplier. Demanding action against the perpetrators, the student body alleged that the same group of ABVP members had been involved in acts of violence over the past several years, including the incident on January 5, 2020.
JNUSU adviser Apeksha Priyadarshini said, “In the afternoon, the ABVP attacked the meat vendor and the mess committee members and violence erupted around 7:30 p.m. Caste-based and gender-based abuse was thrown at us. they went into the garden and started throwing everything they found there at us, including stones and pebbles. Two security guards were also seriously injured. In addition, we were sexually threatened in the presence of the police.


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