An urban explorer has shared a series of “scary” photographs of an abandoned prison in the United States that has been left to decay for so long that the cells are collapsing.

Gregory Hooqe shared images of the sad find in several Facebook groups, showing the damp, rotting walls of the building, which fans have now dubbed a place of misery.

The images show the perfectly preserved outer shell of the building which hides a dark and moldy interior.

The stonework is thick with spores of black mold, and the metal of the pipes has grown rusty in the two decades since its abandonment.

The cell doors have fallen off the hinges

The cell doors became so corroded that they opened, collapsing the beginning of the building.

Describing the history of the building, the explorer wrote on his blog Abandoned Way: “The Essex County Jail Annex was designed by Eastern State Penitentiary architect John Haviland , and was built in 1872/73.

“After having many additions built over the years, it finally closed in 2003 when a new state-of-the-art prison was built. It is currently being demolished and many of the smaller buildings surrounding the prison have been demolished.

Blowjob in jail
The pipes have started to rust and the walls are covered in mold

“The contents of much of the prison were piled up on its outer walls and strewn over the property in heaps. It appeared that much of the original structure of the prison had been abandoned long before the new additions by the deplorable state of the interior.”

Facebook fans were enthralled by the find, as one user said, “Wow, what a place.”

Another added: “Spooky.”

A third wrote: “A place of misery”.

Essex County Jail
The hallway of Essex County Jail

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The news comes after a pair of urban explorers entered the rotting shell of a 7-bed property once owned by a former HMP Camp Hill doctor and made bizarre discoveries.

The 7-bedroom property has been left to rot since the 1980s, decades before its associated Category C prison on the Isle of Wight closed in 2013.

The level of decay outside the house and in some rooms proves that it has been disused for some time, as moisture has seeped through every inch.


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