A PARKING officer has revealed common mistakes drivers make that could get them an INSTANT fine.

For most infractions, parking attendants must constantly watch the car for five minutes to see if a driver corrects their mistake or moves on before issuing a fine.


A car park warden has revealed the common mistakes drivers make that could get them an INSTANT fine (stock image)Credit: Getty

But former manager Lucas Taylor, 40, said parking in a corner with double yellow lines was among the rules that do not require a five-minute viewing time.

No observation is required for disabled parking in place without a badge either.

Lucas – who gave up his job as a caretaker to run his own business – told The Sun: “If they’re parked in a disabled bay [without a badge] it’s an instant ticket. Not a five minute observation.

“You see one of these, it’s a ticket right away – right on the car.

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“If you park around a bend and on a double yellow line, that’s an instant ticket too.

“If you block the road or an entrance, it’s an instant ticket.”

Other instant fines include parking in zigzag lines outside a school.

The rules may differ between councils or parking companies.

The Highway Code states that a driver should not stop, park or wait for any length of time on double yellow lines.

If they do, they face heavy fines.

However, there are some exceptions if you are only stopping for a short time.

These apply to drivers picking up or dropping off someone – as well as blue badge holders for up to three hours.

But if you break down and are forced to park on double yellow lines, you might not be protected by the letter of the law.


RAC Breakdown spokesman Simon Williams said: “Technically a broken down vehicle on double yellow lines breaks the parking rules and a penalty notice could be issued.

“But since the yellow lines are usually hand-tagged, a driver is unlikely to get a ticket from a civilian enforcement officer in the first place as long as they are with the car and can clearly explain why they are blocked.

“Law enforcement officers tend to be wary of notes left in cars saying they’re broken down.”

Meanwhile, parking in disabled bays without a blue badge will expose drivers to fines.

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Blue Badge drivers are allowed to park for free in on-street parking spaces.

But there may be deadlines to meet.


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