An EX-TRAFFIC officer revealed the rules for parking on single yellow lines to help people avoid getting a ticket.

A Reddit user took to the popular social networking site to dispel common misconceptions about the job of a parking assistant.


A former traffic cop has revealed the rules for parking on a yellow line and how to avoid getting a parking ticketCredit: Alamy

The user, who goes by the name ShanPatter, worked in Edinburgh and shared his best parking tips in Scottish cities.

And one topic that came up was the rules around parking on single yellow lines.

Someone asked: “What are the actual rules for parking in a single or permit yellow parking lot?

“Is it free after 6:30 p.m.? Do you know where we can find the info? Thank you!”

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In a bid to help stop people getting tickets, ShanPatter has broken it down and revealed when it’s okay to park in these areas.

They wrote: “Outside the hours of application in a given area, then permit bays and single yellows are fair game indeed!

“You will see signs dotted around the city indicating the area you are entering and the times, but another way to look at it is to use the Pay and Display time plates.

“The hours of application for these bays are the same hours that we would apply permits and single yellows.”

They also had good news for motorcyclists, who can use the bays at any time without getting a ticket.

“In addition, the motorcycle pitches are free outside of application hours.

“I used to get a lot of complaints from motorcyclists because of this, but after all, they can park for free elsewhere, so there’s no real need for a motorbike spot.”

The top tip was well received by users, who flooded it with positive feedback.

Responding to the thread, one person said, “That one on motorcycle bays, I didn’t know about it! Awesome, thanks.”

Another added: “Didn’t know that about motorcycle bays! Thanks!”

While a third posted a series of applause emojis.

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It comes as a Scottish driver became furious after being slapped with a £60 fine for parking on a yellow line – insisting the road paint was white.

Scott, who was driving in Edinburgh, left his car in what he was sure was a “perfectly legal” location along Inverleith Place on Monday June 6.

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