The Tree Sentinel is the first field boss in Elden Ring. Follow this guide to find out how to defeat tree sentinel boss in elden ring.

Although Tree Sentinel is not the first boss in Elden Ring, he is the first field boss in The Land’s Between. He can also hit hard and will likely destroy most players who rush at him. But the Sentinel Tree is vulnerable.

The Tree Sentinel is menacing, but there are methods to defeat it. Let’s find out how to defeat the Tree Sentinel boss in Elden Ring.

Where is the Tree Sentinel in Elden Ring

The Sentinel Tree is seen. When you first enter the open area and talk to the first friendly NPC, you’ll see him roll away. You will have to fight it or bypass it to get to the next region.

How to sneak past the Tree Sentinel boss

Sneaking past him to fight another day is not a sin. This will make your next encounter easier, especially if you return with your own horse. This turns the fight into a joust between mounted knights.

So if you prefer that to being trampled to death, go for it. Wait for Tree Sentinel to cross the map to the other side. Then hug the right side boundary until you’re clear of him and move on to the next spot.

You may have to kill some bats, but try to be quiet and stealthy. The Tree Sentinel will hear you and charge, but you can still run away if you run.

How to defeat the Tree Sentinel boss in Elden Ring

The Tree Sentinel is the first boss encountered by Elden Ring players in West Limgrave. Getting rid of him is vital as he guards a key path to progress. He is very powerful, deceptively agile on his horse, and wields a devastating golden halberd at long range. Bring a good +2 melee weapon, or useful spells or ranged weapons, depending on your build and build.

Due to its size and speed, we think Torrent, the Elden Ring horse and its spectral steed, is important in outwitting the Tree Sentinel. The general tactic is to gallop ahead of the Sentinel, launching a few weapon attacks. Rinse and repeat until Tree Sentinel drops, but be aware of a few things.

The attack range is wide but slow for the Tree Sentinel. You should have plenty of time to adjust your course and prepare for another charge against him. Avoid riding next to the Elden Ring Tree Sentinel, as you will be subject to its halberd strikes, as well as kicks and horse shunts. For those of you unfamiliar with Tree Sentinel’s devastating shield-crushing move, let me explain. Although it may seem tempting, do not approach the Sentinel when his horse is stationary.

Elden Ring players wielding magic or bows, for example, should choose a safe area away from the Sentinel Tree and focus on reducing its health. The entrance to Elleh Church and some of the ruins surrounding the Elden Ring Tree Sentinel’s patrol route need to be secured. This boss features an uncommon counterattack where he can absorb a spell with his shield and throw an upgraded version back at you, so be prepared to dodge.

If you take this encounter to the next level, the ghostly buddies you summon with Spirit Ashes will help you immensely. Wolves will pinch the Elden Ring Tree Sentinel, providing a fantastic diversion as they undermine its health.

You’ll defeat the Elden Ring Tree Sentinel and his massive horse once you wear him down enough. It will not respawn between The First Step and the ruins of Elleh’s Church. If you still can’t defeat the Sentinel Tree, leave the area, level up, and upgrade your weapons before returning for a rematch.

Rewards for defeating the Sentinel Tree

You will earn 3200 runes and the Golden Tree Sentinel Halberd for defeating him. It’s obviously smaller to accommodate your hands, but it’s still extremely heavy, requiring 30 Strength, 14 Dexterity, and 12 Faith.

With a D rating in Strength and Faith and an E rating in Dexterity, it may not be enough to see you through the game if you meet all the prerequisites. The Rune prize is good enough to level up once or twice, depending on how quickly you beat it.

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