Players will face the Crab Warden at the end of Chapter 5 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The encounter occurs during the secret passage through the Corkscrew Tunnel. It’s basically a sturdy mech that looks a bit like Scorpion Sentinel, albeit a bit less advanced. It lacks the mobility and tail laser of the Scorpion Sentinel, but the Warden has a sturdy metal hull to compensate.

The battle is meant to illustrate that Shinra has made many sentry weapons. It also shows how dangerous the company is since their outdated weapon is so destructive. This guide will provide all the information you will need to defeat the Crab Warden.


Guardian Crab - Analysis

While a solid strategy can make this tough fight much easier, players need to have the right tools for the job.


Crab Guardian Immunities and Weaknesses

Because it’s a mecha, the Crab Warden is immune to Poison, Silence, Sleep, Slow, and Berserk. So using normal attacks and lightning attacks is the way to go.

The Crab Warden is weak against lightning and normally takes damage from physical attacks. In addition to causing additional damage, lightning attacks will fill the pressure bar much faster.

Equipment to bring

  • thunder – If possible, each character should have one during the boss fight.
  • To cure – Ideally, players should have two with different characters.
  • Restore – This one should be worn by Barret because he can take a lot of damage.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Cloud uses lightning damage

Since the bosses in this game can deal a lot of damage, To cure will always be mandatory. Restore is also an essential material for bringing back fallen teammates without spending any items.

Make sure everyone in your party has the thunder equipped equipment. This is the best way to ensure that all characters can help stun the mech while dealing high damage.

Use Summon Materia ASAP

At this point in the game, players should have access to at least one summoning materia. If so, just make sure to use it in every boss fight.

  • Chocobo Chick – this will be the best summoning material to use. She has lightning based attacks which will be very useful in taking down this boss.
  • Ifrit – Although not all of the damage it does is super effective, it is still a high amount of damage in a large area of ​​effect.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Ifrit uses Hellfire

A summon is pretty much a fourth party member that keeps attacking enemies, so any summon will be useful during a fight. When a creature is summoned, switch to Barret in order to quickly build a ranged ATB and use the most damaging summon abilities.

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Crab Guardian Attacks

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Cloud gets electrocuted

The Crab Warden has many powerful attacks, but most can be easily avoided by staying on its side and retreating from time to time.

  • stomp – This is an attack that Crab Warden performs by hitting the ground with his legs. This attack can be blocked. During phase 3, the mecha also attacks with its hind legs.
  • Load – The Crab Warden will run forward and hit everyone in its path. While this attack can be blocked, sticking to the Guardian’s side is a better bet.
  • Fires – It will spin and burn nearby characters, dealing damage over time to targets hit. Interestingly, this attack can be blocked.
  • Spinning volley – He fires a gun in an arc. During phase 3, this attack becomes much faster.
  • Missile Assault – The Crab Warden fires many missiles at the party. The number of missiles is increased during phase 3.
  • Missile Barrage – Another attack that involves firing missiles. The number of missiles is increased during phase 3.
  • Inverted barrel – It fires missiles from its back, then charges forward.
  • Flamethrower – A fire attack in a line that cannot be blocked.
  • EM field – The boss discharges an electric wave. He does not use this attack during phase 3.
  • target lock – This is not an attack, but it forces the boss to lock a character. The boss does not use it during phase 3.
  • Air support – This is the ability the Crab Warden uses to summon Slug-Rays. He only uses it during phase 2.
  • Rise – Used only during phase 3, this attack electrifies the tracks for 8 seconds.

The most important attacks players need to avoid are Flamethrower, EM Field, and Electrical Surge.

Staying on the crab’s face too long will cause it to attack the character in front of it. His attacks can inflict massive damage and put the player in a bad spot.

Stage 1

Unlike the Scorpion Sentinel, players can aim for the Crab Warden’s legs from the start of battle. Aiming for them will cause the crab to enter a vulnerable state. This will make the battle much easier.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Cloud paralyzes the Crab Warden's leg

The paralysis of its parts will fill a large part of the pressure gauge. This, combined with lightning attacks and stagger attacks, might just cause the boss to enter a staggered state.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Tifa attacks the Crab Warden's leg

Use Barret to shoot the Crab Warden’s face and get his attention. Then use steel skin and be sure to turn Barret into a target. Once the boss is distracted, be sure to focus the same leg with Tifa and Cloud.

Have Barret with To cure and Restore materia is a good way to ensure that the last to fall is always able to bring others up. Barret can take a lot of damage with his base abilities and stats, making him perfect for carrying gear that can bring allies down from 0 HP.

Make sure you have left the ATB when the boss is staggered

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - The Crab Warden is quirky

Final Fantasy 7 Remake bosses don’t stay staggered for very long, so players should take advantage of this to do as much damage as possible. If you don’t, the battle will be much longer than necessary.

Players will want to have some ATB aside for when the boss is about to stagger. As soon as the lag gauge is set, use the slow motion that triggers when choosing an ability to make the best choice possible.

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Ideally, hit the crab with a very damaging ability as soon as it is staggered. If the character with an ATB bar doesn’t have one, be sure to hit the boss with a Lightning spell.

Focusing on his legs when he’s in this state is a good way to ensure he’ll stagger again quickly when his other legs are paralyzed.

Phase 2

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - The Crab Warden spawns slug rays

During its second phase, the Crab Warden will spawn Slug-Rays. Make sure you destroy them first. Get them all out ASAP.

Pay attention to Barret’s position when taking down the Slug-Rays. They can stay behind the Crab Warden, causing Barret’s bullets to hit the boss instead. This will prolong their existence in the fight, making it harder to deal with the boss.

Once that’s done, players can just go back to the same previous strategy – focusing on limbs with lightning damage and dodging the crab’s more dangerous attacks.

Phase 3

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Barret takes care of the electrified ground

As he loses hit points, The Crab Warden will start to become even more dangerous. Its electrical surges will electrify the tracks and trigger an explosion. Characters that walk on the electrified area will take a lot of damage.

The Crab’s legs will no longer be vulnerable during this phase, but players will be able to target its weapons.

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This will be a good time to switch to Barret. He can keep attacking the boss and building ATB from a distance. While doing so, continue hitting the crab with lightning on the most damaged leg.

Stay safe and destroy the pilot when exposed

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Barret focuses his fire on the pilot

At the end of Phase 3, the Crab Warden becomes very aggressive. Barret’s ranged attacks will become even more useful at this point.

Not only can Barret handle electrified tracks using his ranged attack, but he can also stay a safe distance from the Crab’s most dangerous attacks. Use Barret to build ATB during this last phase.

When the pilot is finally targetable, use the most damaging character moves and limit breaks if you have any. Build this ATB as quickly as possible and hit it with lightning attacks from each character.

If the pilot is paralyzed, the weak point of the Crab Warden will be exposed. End it.

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