WARDEN – The Warden High School women’s basketball team earned their second district victory with a 66-26 win over Tri-Cities Prep High School.

The Warden Cougars took a 25-3 first quarter lead and held their opponents to within 10 points each quarter.

The team is undefeated this year and is currently ranked #3 in Category 2B by Rating Percentage Index (RPI) on the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) website.

Senior Kiana Rios led Warden and the game with 26 points.

Rios also broke the school record for most career points during the game. Madsen said the previous record was 1,482 by Heather Ortiz about 25 years ago. Madsen said it was really special for Rios to break that record in his last game on home court. Manager’s head coach Josh Madsen says it took his team a bit of time to get going, but once they do, he has very little training to do. He lets them play their game.

He also noted that they don’t want to be complacent but continue to improve and improve with every game.

After the match, the announcer requested that the Warden spectators stay for a short program. Warden School Board member Kasandra Campos read a three-page speech explaining how much the town of Warden appreciates not only what the girls’ team has done for the town, but especially the five senior citizens. It also included a standing ovation for them.

“I want to thank you each for the hope and excitement you all brought to our city. You all made a lot of noise, a lot of noise, all over the state. You each represented our hometown and this school with integrity, loyalty, passion, courage and struggle,” Campos said.

She noted that not only did they bring hope and excitement, but they brought it during a global pandemic.

The Cougars will face Mabton High School on Feb. 19 for the district title at River View High School at 5 p.m. The winner and the loser of the district match are guaranteed access to the regionals.

The score of the box:

Goalkeeper – 25 18 15 8 – 66

Tri-Cities preparation – 3 7 9 7- 26




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