Game Warden Field Notes

The following is compiled from recent law enforcement reports from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD).

How to solve a problem like Maria?

A landowner called Texas Game Wardens when a group of quail hunters asked for help in rescuing a dog that had fallen into an abandoned grain silo. The dog, Maria, had been chasing an injured bird through thick brush when she disappeared from her owner’s sight. After searching, the owner found the trapped dog 50 feet below. Two game wardens arrived on the scene with hundreds of feet of rope, a wire kennel, and the know-how to build a pulley block system. The keepers baited the kennel with freshly harvested quail and slowly lowered it to Maria. With some encouragement from its owner, the dog was forced into the kennel. The guards carefully lifted her from the well and into the loving arms of her owner. Upon inspection, she appeared unharmed and fully alert, with all four limbs fully functional. Emergency responders, the dog’s owner, several other quail hunters and the landowners’ family were amazed at how the situation unfolded. The owner took Maria home and scheduled her for follow-up with a vet as a precaution.

Fortune smiles on the bald (Tire)

A local sheriff’s office contacted Texas game wardens about a stolen vehicle from New Mexico heading into Texas. A guard located the vehicle under an irrigation pivot. After reinforcements arrived, subject attempted to evade officers by driving through the fields. When the driver lost the tread of a tire, he stopped the vehicle and was greeted by the manager and a local MP. The subject, who was a suspect in a murder case in New Mexico, was taken into custody for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, escape in a motor vehicle and multiple other offenses. Cases and investigations for both states are ongoing.

Stuck in the middle with you

Val Verde County game wardens received information about a fishing boat that ran aground on the Rio Grande. The area has recently accumulated excess silt from the Amistad Dam. Combined with lower water levels on the river, the exposed silt became sticky and acted like quicksand. The two boaters are unharmed but unable to leave the vehicle without sinking into the mud. One of the guards moved to a vantage point and located the boat. Guardians confirmed there was no way to reach them by water or land. A call has been made for a helicopter with winch capability. A municipal helicopter reached the individuals and the rescue was successful. The boaters did not require medical attention.

Mama Mia

A landowner notified Henderson County Game Wardens that someone shot a deer on their property from the road. The owner learned that the alleged shooter was bragging about the act on social media. A quick social media search revealed that the suspect’s mother had posted about grinding deer meat for chili. The guards contacted the mother. She said her son shot a deer on their property and she was treating him. Wardens questioned the alleged shooter and he quickly confessed to shooting the deer on the appellant’s property from the road. It was further determined that the mother believed the deer had been shot on their property and was very upset when she learned the truth.

To help! I need somebody!

A Karnes County game warden patrolling a local highway came across a deer lying on the middle road. Realizing this could be a safety hazard, the manager turned to remove the male. After getting out of his vehicle, he noticed someone walking near the front door of a residence in the dark. The manager thought it might be the landowner who came to ask about the deer. Upon further observation, he realized that the man was tripping. The man said he hit the deer with his motorbike which had been badly damaged and was now lying in the ditch of the bar in front of him. The motorcyclist did not know how long he had been in the ditch. Fortunately, he was wearing a helmet. The manager informed the dispatcher and requested an ambulance for a possible broken hand. EMS and a sheriff’s deputy arrived on the scene. The guard called the man’s wife, informed her of what had happened and that he was in EMS custody.

here is your sign

A Texas game warden received a call from a property owner concerned about highway hunters driving near his property, turning on a light and firing guns. The manager encountered a deputy sheriff who had just stopped the vehicle with three men. In the bed of the truck, the caretaker found several loaded weapons, two dead hares, two dead raccoons and a piece of deer back. After a roadside investigation, it was determined that the three subjects spent the night driving on public roads, shooting animals and shooting at stop signs. Two adults were arrested for chasing from a vehicle and a minor was released pending charges. A total of seven firearms and two harmful game calls were seized as evidence. Additional charges are pending.


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