A former Wood County Sheriff’s Office chief deputy was charged with drunk driving this week in connection with an August shipwreck that occurred while she was off duty.

Audrey Nicole Wright, 40, of Mineola, was arrested on Wednesday for drunk driving with a blood alcohol level of 0.15 or higher. She was released the same day on $5,000 bond.

Wood County Sheriff Kelly Cole said Friday the wreckage occurred more than a month ago in Wright’s personal vehicle while she was on sick leave.

Wright resigned from the sheriff’s office the day after the sinking, Cole said.

He noted that soldiers from the Texas Department of Public Safety worked on the wreckage and made the arrest so that there were no allegations or possibilities of misconduct or wrongdoing against the office of the sheriff.

“She wasn’t here working. She was on sick leave,” Cole said. “She was arrested after she quit.”

According to the DPS accident report, Wright’s wreckage occurred on August 16 while driving south on FM 778 in the Mineola area. The report says she didn’t drive on a single lane.

Wright’s car entered the ditch heading west where his vehicle hit a culvert and then rolled onto its right side. The car continued to roll over until it landed upright facing northeast, according to the report.

The vehicle also hit a mailbox. The report says Wright does not remember what happened. Further investigation showed that she was intoxicated while driving the vehicle.

Cole said a few weeks after the resignation, Robert Holland, a longtime employee of the sheriff’s office, was named deputy chief.

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