Former Hamilton County Jail Correctional Officer who pushed 61-year-old inmate headfirst into the concrete wall of a cell, slashing his head and shattering his hip was sentenced to 3.5 years from prison.

Jason Mize, 35, pleaded guilty earlier this year on a federal charge of violating the human right not to be subjected to excessive force.

Prosecutors said during the investigation into Mize’s conduct, he repeatedly lied and pressured witnesses not to come forward.

After the August 2016 incident, Mize left the man, Mark Myers, moaning and bleeding on the cell floor. Mize eventually returned to the holding cell, prosecutors said – to cover the door window with a curtain.

Myers, who was later acquitted of the misdemeanor theft charge for which he was jailed, ended up being hospitalized for two weeks.

Mize ultimately resigned. According to prosecutors, in a Facebook message sent in April 2017, months after his resignation, Mize said, “I miss choking people.

In a conviction Tuesday in Cincinnati U.S. District Court, prosecutors said Mize had a history of violence as a corrections officer.

Mize has been sanctioned more than nine times, prosecutors said, and at least three of those times were for excessive force. After an incident in 2013, Mize was suspended without pay for three days for repeatedly hitting an inmate with his knee, “repeatedly punching him in the face,” according to court documents.

Mize started working for the Hamilton County Sheriff‘s Office in 2007 and was fired the following year. He was rehired in 2011 and served until his resignation in 2016.

Jason mize

According to prosecutors, Mize had a reputation for violence and “reveled” in it.

His nicknames at work were “Mize the Destroyer” and “Rape Choke,” prosecutors said in documents filed before sentencing. Mize was known for saying he was going to “rape and suffocate” people.

On July 30, 2016, less than a month before the incident involving Myers, Mize had the following exchange with a friend on Facebook:

Mize: “Lol, we just beat the (expletive) out of this guy.”

Friend: “Lol, what have you guys been doing?”

Mize: “A muffled kick hit the (expletive) dude outta. “

Friend: “Lol what is he doing now?”

Mize: “Relax in the chair, hopefully bleed to death. “

In April 2017, there was the following exchange between Mize and a correctional officer:

Officer: “Good luck, I choked a guy the other day, I didn’t do any paperwork and I’m worried that the officers are snitching. This is no longer the department in which you and I started. “

Mize: “Yeah, that’s the damn truth lol. I miss suffocating people. “

Officer: “I miss you suffocating people.”

Myers sued the county and in 2018 the case was settled for half a million dollars. Myers has since died due to circumstances unrelated to what happened at the prison.


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