COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) – A former Muscogee County Court Deputy Clerk and 3 others appeared in U.S. district court this afternoon.

Willie Demps, 63, Curtis Porch, 48, Dereen Porch, 43, and Rosalee Bassi, 65, were in attendance at a pre-hearing conference for their bank fraud conspiracy charges.

Curtis Porch pleaded guilty in federal court to conspiring to commit bank fraud, as charged in the indictment. Porch admitted to stealing money from the Muscogee County Clerk’s office in 35 transactions totaling $ 152,585 in 2019 by cashing checks at several banks, including Colony & Synovus, which were written to him by the former clerk in Deputy Chief of Muscogee County, Willie Demps.

Porch agreed to pay the federal government $ 152,585 in restitution. His sentence is set for March 29, 2022 at 10:30 a.m.

Porch is also indicted in an unrelated case involving fraudulent COVID relief funds. He did not plead guilty in this case, but his wife, Dereen Porch, pleaded guilty this morning for her role in the COVID relief fund case.

The judge granted an extension in the Willie Demps and Rosalee Bassi case.

Superior Court Clerk Danielle Forte released a statement that reads:

“In order not to hinder or interfere with any outcome, the United States Attorney’s Office asked me not to comment on the case. Once this matter is completed and settled, I will be happy to share information fully and freely with you and your wonderful audience. Thank you very much.”

In August, Demps, who abruptly retired in 2019 from his post as deputy clerk, was among eight people charged with wire fraud and interstate transportation of stolen goods, which led to Muscogee County losing nearly $ 500,000 over an 11 month period in the same year. .

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