Welcome to our ‘Elden Ring: How to Beat Grave Warden? This boss can be found northeast of Limgrave, in the Murkwater Catacombs near Lake Agheel. This is an optional boss to beat the game.

How to defeat this Grave Warden?

Blocking boss attacks consumes a lot of stamina. Avoiding his strikes is preferable.
The Grave Warden typically attacks in a succession of five hits. It’s a long range weapon. An AoE strike that deals damage while returning to the boss’s hand.
Fighting from afar is really useful. The monster often strikes in a chain, so move away from it and shoot it with a bow or use spells.
Using a spirit to help you is a great idea. Taunt the boss to attack the spirit, allowing you to attack the boss safely. Remember that if you hit the boss, he will focus on you until you hit him.
Beware if a crimson aura surrounds it. He will start to do more damage and lose his temper.
Having a weapon that inflicts blood makes sense.

How to fight using mage build?

Summoning Wolves will allow you to summon as many ghosts as possible to take on the Grave Warden Duelist. They will distract the boss, allowing you to perform spells safely. Bring additional Cerulean Tear Flasks to replenish mana. You should equip spells like Rock Blaster, Glinstone Shard, and Magic Glintblade before the fight. These spells perfectly kill the boss.
One thing to watch out for is his ranged assault that spins his weapon. This thing can easily kill a magician. When you see him using this strike, run away as fast as you can.

How to fight using melee build?

If you summon wolves, you can easily sneak up on an opponent and land a critical hit. The opponent is also prone to bleeding, so use any weapons that can inflict this condition. Especially with wolves, this will speed up the battle. A shield can only stop a certain number of enemy blows until you lose stamina, lose your balance and expose yourself to aggression. Deflect his attacks and get behind his back so he doesn’t have many chances to hit you hard. His jump attack can instantly kill characters with low health reserves. Every time he swings hammers above his head, get away from him. If you need to heal, get as far away as possible. The boss can shorten the distance by jumping, but not much.

What is the reward for defeating Grave Warden in Elden Ring?

Defeating this monster grants you the Battle Hammer, a classic strength-based weapon.
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