The construction management company project manager working with Genesee County on its new county jail project this afternoon said everyone should be “very pleased” with the bids that have been submitted for the six areas of work that have been identified.

“Given the economy and what’s going on in the world – the amount of work that’s out there right now – I think we should all be very happy to have these results. These are very, very good results. to be honest with you,” Mark Bollin of The Pike Company of Rochester said during a Genesee County Legislature Committee of the Whole meeting.

The special session was scheduled specifically for the awarding of construction bids for the $70 million, 184-bed prison initiative.

bollin (picture above) went into detail about the companies that submitted low bids and answered lawmakers’ questions about the project, which is set to start May 9 on land next to County Building 2 on West Main Street Road. He said the work would take place over 20 months, with an expected completion date of January 2024 (plus an additional two months for closing and checklist items).

As reported earlier today on the Batavian, the six lowest bidders are:

General contractor – LeChase Construction Services, LLC, of ​​Rochester, $34,980,000;

Work on the site – Bayside Paving Contractors Inc., Shortsville, for a stated sum of $3,792,000;

Food Service Equipment Works – Joseph Flihan Company, Utica, for a stipulated sum of $826,800;

Plumbing and fire protection work – Thurston Dudeck LLC, Ontario, for a stated sum of $4,362,000;

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning works – Bell Mechanical Contractor, Inc., East Rochester, for a stipulated sum of $5,112,000;

Electrical and electronic safety work – Kaplan-Schmidt, Inc., Rochester, for a stipulated sum of $8,200,000.

The total of the six bids — $57,272,800 — is $2.7 million less than The Pike Company had budgeted for the jobs listed above, Bollin said.

Lawmakers voted unanimously to accept the offers and also voted on amending the project’s reserve fund to increase the amount to be bonded over a 40-year period to $70 million.

Bollin said his company solicited bids all over New York, advertising in different locations, including the Builders Exchange in Rochester and Buffalo.

“The Pike Company also has a system where we send out advertising to bid to over 5,000 people statewide,” he said. “So we actually had a really good turnout. There were a number of projects that were being tendered at the time. Entrepreneurs are busy right now. But we actually had a really good versus turnout.

He said each of the six contractors has a “definitive scope of work” and each is aware of their exact responsibilities.

“There was a schedule included in the tender documents, along with intermediate dates that each contractor was responsible for meeting – both material deliveries, labor, etc. So each entrepreneur knew exactly what he was supposed to do,” he added.

The response to the tender documents sent to potential contractors indicated that “they were probably some of the best construction documents … they had ever seen,” Bollin said. “And that was backed up by our estimates which also said it was a very good set of documents.”

A breakdown of the bids showed that three went into the site work package, five for the general contractor, one for the catering service (which was higher than expected due to the cost of stainless steel and kitchen equipment, Bollin said), five for plumbing, six for heating and ventilation, and five for electricity.

Bollin said all the contracts are ready to go, along with the award notification letters he will hand-deliver tomorrow. Selected contractors are required to return signed contracts along with insurance documents within seven calendar days, “at which time the county may then sign the documents.”

Bollin said he was confident in the stability and expertise of the companies, noting that he had worked with each of them.

Asked about cost overruns, he said a “field order allowance” of $90,000 was built into each contract, but any charges above the bid amount had to be approved by lawmakers. He also said The Pike Company will have staff on site during construction as a quality control measure.

He said he had received assurances from the lowest bidders that long-term materials, such as PVC ducting, electrical equipment and air-handling units, were now being ordered in a bid to avoid delays.

“One of the reasons we don’t want to issue the notice until May 9th is to give all contractors a five week deadline…until we actually start construction to start securing the building. steel and precast concrete,” he said. “I know for a fact that the general contractor has already committed to a steel contractor and is already starting to prepare things. The prefabrication contractor, I personally spoke to him after the tender and he said he was already planning things.


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