Compton Sheriff’s Department investigation finds vehicle the collision was not associated with the street takeover

COMPTON- At the June 14 Compton City Council meeting, Deputy Craig Walker of the Compton Sheriff’s Department provided an update on the tragic road accident that occurred last weekend where two women were killed. lost his life.

“While the incident is under ongoing investigation, we can confidently say that the two deaths that occurred at the intersection were unrelated to the street takeovers,” the deputy said. Walker.

The incident remains an active investigation that the Compton Sheriff’s Department is supporting.

“My deepest condolences go out to the families and friends of those who lost their lives in the tragic car collision,” Mayor Sharif said.

During the regular Compton City Council meeting held on June 14, several residents complained about street takeovers and broken streetlights that have not been repaired for months, some for more than a year. ‘a decade.

“I’m tired of all this mess with these cars and the driving and the takeovers and I live right where the two young women just died and after 40 years on this street it never happened,” he said. said Carolyn Poole, holding back tears. .

“I’m a 30-year-old resident and I’ve complained to the last three mayors and they still haven’t been fixed,” Freddy Soto said.

“I live in District 4 and the lights in Alameda and Palmer have been flashing since February and now it’s June,” David Austin said.

City manager Thomas Thomas said he was aware of the problems with various broken traffic lights and blamed the theft for the delays in repairs.

“The wiring was stolen, so we need to get more materials to fix the lights,” Thomas said. He provided no timeline for when it would be completed.

The City assesses residents’ annual lighting and landscape assessments to address lighting and landscape repairs and recently held a public hearing into the matter on May 24, 2022.

Residents also complained that the city was not doing enough to deal with street takeovers, as this accident was originally attributed.

“I’m actually here to let you know what happened on March 9, how my family got hit by someone making donuts and my daughter hit her head and she broke her neck and hit his head against the window,” said David Castillo. “What are you going to do? Are we going to live in fear every time we go out on the street. My youngest daughter has autism and every time we approach this intersection she asks if we are going to get hit . »

“During campaign time, our mailboxes are flooded with your mail, but when we ask for answers, we get crickets,” said Tia Walker. “I emailed everyone on stage and only got a response from two of you.”


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