Precinct 1 Constable Department Chief Deputy Claudia Cantu will take charge of the precinct after Webb County leaders unanimously accepted Constable Rodolfo Rodriguez’s resignation at the meeting of the Court of Commissioners on Monday.

According to County Judge Tano Tijerina, a similar position has been vacant twice before during his tenure, but at one point there was a two-year vacancy. However, before continuing, he was interrupted by the director of the Webb County Civil Legal Division to avoid getting involved in some issues by appointing someone to the position.

Due to the nature of the vacancy, the court was advised that no action could be taken to appoint another officer as interim or acting head of the precinct. Thus, they would take no action, allowing the only way forward to be the second in command or first deputy of the gendarmerie station to take responsibility after Rodriguez resigned.

Tijerina questioned the legal process of signing documents with constable authority and how and who would sign. He was told that Cantu would take charge without the participation of the commissioners and would be responsible for the signatures.

As a result, Cantu will head the department, but county commissioners and staff have recommended that when it comes to budget issues or ties, she visit appropriate and designated county officials. Tijerina said the visits will provide a safety net for Cantu as she advances for the job.

Cantu thanked the commissioners for continuing the mission and work of the constable, with the deputies continuing to carry out their roles under his leadership.

According to the county’s website, Webb County Constable Pct. 1 Department consists of 18 deputies, two assigned to a task force working with a federal agency, one civilian (Public Relations Officer), and 16 reserve deputies.

They are responsible for serving civil procedure court orders, enforcing tobacco laws, randomly checking retailers for the sale of tobacco to minors, assisting the railway police in the Union Pacific with Operation Life Savers and to enforce railway crossing laws and provide traffic control for area schools during the school year, among other responsibilities.

As part of the department’s community relations unit, additional actions include presentations on crime prevention, stranger danger, anti-bullying, anti-gang, and anti-drug presentations, and promoting the student self-esteem.

Webb County Democratic Party Chair Sylvia Bruni said steps will begin after the May 24 election closes, as precinct presidents will convene an executive committee and the group will review candidate nominations for office before that one of them is nominated as the party’s candidate. .

Prospective candidates will need to begin their petitions and process to be part of the Precinct 1 Constable elections this year, and they must submit all necessary information to be listed on the ballot for their respective parties. According to Bratton, the commissioners will at some point have to call a special election in the coming months to fill the position before August.

Independent candidates can also be added to the ballot and they have until June to submit the nomination and petition with 500 signatures instead of paying the filing fee. Registered candidates have a deadline of August 26 to submit their application.


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