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Fort Dodge officials are seeking to have code violations corrected at Warden Plaza in downtown Fort Dodge. Meanwhile, several entities have expressed interest in purchasing the property.

There is apparently some developer interest in the vacant Warden Plaza in downtown Fort Dodge.

The building at 908 First Ave. S. owned by KDG LLC, of ​​Columbia, Missouri, was released in January. City manager David Fierke said a realtor reported there were four or five interested entities.

“We talked to the listing agent about what we want to see and what we don’t want to see in a developer,” Fierke said.

“We are ready to talk to the developers,” he added.

He said a developer with experience in historic preservation projects is wanted.

He added that the city did not want a social housing project in this building.

The city took the vacant eight-story building in 2016 under the state’s Abandoned Buildings Act. KDG LLC acquired the building from the city in December 2016 and proposed to rehabilitate it to create commercial spaces on the lower two floors and approximately 100 apartments on the upper floors. But no renovations were ever started and the building is still empty.

Fierke and City Attorney Mark Crimmins said the local government had no way to regain ownership of the building.

It is marketed by CBRE Hubbell in Des Moines.

The building is deteriorating and the municipal authorities are asking KDG to bring it into compliance with building codes. Several violation notices were sent to the company.

Some of the more obvious problems include many broken windows and crumbling sidewalks.

“The building as it stands is dangerous”, Criminals said. “There are a lot of different building code violations.”

The Warden Plaza was built in stages from 1914 to 1926.

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