MONROE – Due to a shortage of female prison assistants and the labor-intensive design of the 1981 Green County Jail, all female inmates were moved to the Green County Jail Iowa or, if eligible for Huber privileges, placed under electronic surveillance, according to a press release sent by Sheriff Jeff Skatrud on Aug. 5.

Four female inmates were transferred to the Iowa County Jail on July 26 and it does not expect to be able to hold female inmates until early 2023. As of August 5, four additional female inmates have been under electronic monitoring. Some responsibilities associated with the detention of female (or male) prisoners are gender specific.

“We were able to staff the mandatory minimum of two prison deputies per shift, but due to vacancies for female prison deputies, the two prison deputies on duty are sometimes male,” Skatrud said. “If an inmate is arrested and taken to jail, she is booked and transported to the Iowa County Jail in Dodgeville.”

The cost of holding an inmate at another jail is between $50 and $60 per day, along with Green County being responsible for medical expenses and transportation of the inmate to that jail and back if necessary for a court appearance. the tribunal.

“We are actively recruiting prison deputies and will continue to work to fill our staff. Once a new assistant has successfully completed the hiring process, they undergo a training period that lasts between 4 and 5 months. Deputies are working overtime to maintain prison security and later in August our sworn staff are moving to a different schedule to reduce overtime,” Skatrud said. “Green County isn’t alone in having staffing issues. The lack of candidates for law enforcement positions is a challenge for most counties and municipalities in the state of Wisconsin.


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