The Mistdancer is the name given to a combination of Stabbomancer and Spore Warden, two of the six classes available in The wonders of Tiny Tina. The Mistdancer has access to a wide range of skills that help him move around and deal critical damage, and these builds offer great ways to get the most out of them.

In this Borderlands spin-off, Tiny Tina features a new game of Bunkers & Badasses, an event that sees players go on a journey to challenge the Dragonlord. Like the main entrances, The wonders of Tiny Tina is a first-person looter-shooter.


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Mistdancer Remote Build

This build focuses heavily on the Spore Warden skill tree, grabbing skills up to the Play the Angles synthesis skill. He also grabs Stabbomancer skills which enhance his ability to deal damage and cripple enemy defenses. It focuses on maximizing critical hit rate and critical damage, while also improving movement speed, turning the Mistdancer into a lightning-fast badass that can deal massive damage from a distance, and even inflict short bursts. bursts of massive melee damage in the blink of an eye. .

The build uses skills that increase the Mistdancer’s movement speed and critical rate while making enemies more vulnerable to their attacks and blasting them with rapid-fire weapons.

Two important skills in this build are Bullseye (Tier 2 Spore Warden) and Headhunter (Tier 5 Spore Warden). Bullseye increases the critical strike chance of the player’s pistol attacks, as well as the critical strike chance of the Spore Warden’s mushroom companion. Paired with the Stabbomancer class achievement, Dirty Fighting, to further increase critical strike chance, maximizing Bullseye increases the critical strike chance of the player’s pistol attacks by a colossal 80%. Headhunter increases the damage the player deals with their weapons to critical areas of enemies. A critical area is any area of ​​a creature that the player scores an automatic critical hit for attacking, and is usually the head of humanoid enemies. This makes precision shots all the more deadly and is excellent for taking down stronger targets from a distance.

Later, taking two ranks of sneak attack (Stabbomancer Tier 4) will increase all critical strike chance by 6%, making that build’s base critical chance for pistol attacks before considering hero stats as a whopping 86%. With a Dexterity rating of at least 16 to gain extra critical chance, this build can easily achieve 100% critical chance for pistol attacks, and increasing Dexterity will also increase chance for other attack types.

Taking five ranks of Arsenal (Stabbomancer Tier 1) is also helpful, as it increases gun, melee, and spell damage by 15% each, making the Mistdancer’s damage even higher. Nimble Fingers (Stabbomancer Tier 3) and Tracking (Stabbomancer Tier 2) work well together to help keep the Mistdancer’s damage high. Nimble Fingers increases their rate of fire by 12% and spell damage by 16% for a short time after hitting with a melee attack, while Follow-Up generates a stacking buff to melee damage each time players hit an enemy with pistol damage (6% bonus damage per stack, caps at 10 stacks).

The Windrunner skill (Spore Warden Tier 3) is a kill skill that grants a movement speed and fire rate buff whenever an enemy is killed by the Mistdancer. This buff can stack twice, with each stack granting +12% Movement Speed ​​and +12% Fire Rate for 15 seconds. This pairs well with Elusive (Stabbomancer Tier 4), which grants the Mistdancer a 10% chance to completely avoid incoming damage whenever they move at normal walking speed, allows them to shoot while sprinting and increases the chance of evasion based on their speed. This is especially useful because the build doesn’t have any other skills that boost defense.

This building also uses the skill Wrath of Nature (Spore Warden Tier 5), allowing it to make enemies vulnerable to attacks whenever they are hit with ability damage by the Mistdancer. This can be easily accomplished by using Spore Warden’s Barrage or Blizzard action skill, or Stabbomancer’s Ghost Blade action skill. Exploiting Their Weakness (Stabbomancer Tier 2) allows the Mistdancer to make enemies more vulnerable by inflicting status effects, such as slow and freeze, inflicted by Blizzard’s cold damage cyclones, or elemental damage from a spell or a weapon. Since this effect stacks for each type of status effect inflicted, players can quickly take down even powerful enemies by stacking this effect.

The Spore Warden Capstone Skill Play the Angles adds a chance to any critical hit with a firearm to ricochet off an additional target, dealing a reduced amount of ability damage each time it does. Coupled with this build’s 86% critical chance for gun attacks, there’s a huge chance the battlefield will turn into a bullet storm. Acquiring a black powder weapon (which has its own inherent “ricochet on critical hit” effect) can make this outcome even more likely.

Here is a breakdown of this version’s stats and skills at level 40:


  • Strength: 38 – This stat should be the top priority after reaching Dexterity 16, granting increased damage from all critical hits.
  • Dexterity: 30 – Getting this stat up to 16 as soon as possible is important to achieving the weapon’s 100% critical chance. Upgrading it later will help deal extra damage with other attacks.
  • Intelligence: 8 – This build isn’t very spell-focused, but it doesn’t hurt to put a point or two into it to slightly improve spell cooldowns.
  • Wisdom: 15 – This skill is useful for elemental weapons and spells, adding extra damage to them. Since regularly applying elemental status effects is important for this build, getting Wisdom to 15 can come in very handy.
  • Constitution 12 – This skill is useful for putting a few points up front just to help absorb an extra hit or two if the enemy manages to land them, but this build thrives on moving quickly and strategically to avoid damage in the first place.
  • Attunement: 15 – Having a faster action skill cooldown is very useful for this build, as it allows players to use Blizzard to apply status effects and proc Wrath of Nature more consistently.

Spore Warden Skills (26 points spent)

  • Level 1: Eagle Eye (3/5)
  • Level 1: Hunting Bounty (5/5)
  • Level 2: Bullseye (5/5)
  • Level 2: Affinity (3/5)
  • Level 3: Outfit Quiver (2/3)
  • Spore Warden Tier 3: Windrunner (3/3)
  • Spore Warden Tier 5: Wrath of Nature (3/3)
  • Spore Warden Tier 5: Headhunter (1/1)
  • Spore Warden Tier 6: Play the Angles (1/1)

Backstabber (16 points spent)

  • Rank 1: Arsenal (5/5)
  • Level 2: Exploit their weakness (3/3)
  • Level 2: Monitoring (3/3)
  • Level 3: Nimble Fingers (2/3)
  • Level 4: Sneak Attack (2/5)
  • Level 4: elusive (1/1)

The wonders of Tiny Tina is available now for Playstation 4, Playstation 5, PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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