BANNOCK COUNTY, Idaho (KIFI) – After three decades serving the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office, Chief Deputy Mike Dahlquist announces his retirement.

Dahlquist rose through the ranks to become second in command to Sheriff Tony Manu. The Highland High School alum was hired to work in the prison on August 1, 1988 after graduating from the Idaho Peace Officer’s Standards and Training Academy, from which he now holds an advanced certificate.

Dahlquist’s many accomplishments include earning the Public Safety Officers Medal of Bravery and a Distinguished Service Medal from former Sheriff Lorin Nielsen, as well as serving as Secretary of the Deputies’ Association. of Bannock County and as a member of the Idaho Sheriffs Association. He was also inducted into the DuPont KEVLAR Survivors’ Club after surviving a shootout in Lava Hot Springs in which a bullet hit his ballistic shield.

Sheriff Manu said Dahlquist has been a “deputy brother” of his since the day he started at the sheriff’s office.

“Dahlquist has always been the stable, even-tempered, mild-mannered person from the first day I met him to this day,” Manu said. “He has always been a man of few words and slow to react to complicated discussions, but when he does speak his response has a lot of depth, is well thought out and has a big impact on the discussion.”

“I will miss the insights he provided as deputy chief, but more importantly, the close personal relationship we have built throughout our careers from experiences on the field and on a personal level,” Manu said. “I look forward to celebrating his upcoming retirement to thank him for his 33 and a half years of service.

Dahlquist became involved in law enforcement through the inspiration of his uncles, who invited him to work with them as a trainee detective in Uinta County, Wyoming.

Some of Dahlquist’s most memorable moments in his work include assisting with the 1995 Ligertown incident and the 2012 Charlotte fire, which he says illustrate the community coming together and saving lives. This unpredictable variety of situations – and, of course, people – is what Dahlquist will cherish most about his time in the sheriff’s office.

“I’m fortunate to have always had the support of my wife and family, the officers I work with at the sheriff’s office and other agencies around us, but especially the community,” Dahlquist said. . “The ability to make a positive difference and connect with so many people has helped me enjoy every day at work.”

Dahlquist’s future plans are to spend time with his family, travel and enjoy the great outdoors. Its last day will be Wednesday, February 16, 2022.


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