ROZELLVILLE, Wis. (WSAW) – Two people found dead in a fire in the Rozellville area appear to have been victims of a tragic accident, according to Marathon County Deputy Chad Billeb.

Billeb explained that Tanya Rodriguez, 44, and James Carolfi, 52, died from electrocution during a fractal burn. During a press conference on Thursday, Billeb explained that the couple had died before the fire.

Fractal burning, also called Lichtenberg, is a process that creates patterns on wood using high voltage electricity and a conductive solution. Patterns and design look like love at first sight. Billeb said this was sometimes done using high voltage from a microwave. Billeb said the practice is popular on social media, but is extremely dangerous.

The couple’s bodies were found in the garage of the house. Billeb said evidence showed they were burning fractals.

On April 6, crews were called to a home on the 205,000 block of Rangeline Road in the town of Day around 6 a.m. for a fire. The Marathon County Sheriff‘s Department said the bodies of two people were found inside.

The location is between Auburndale and Stratford.

The sheriff’s office received assistance from the Wisconsin DOJ’s Criminal Investigations Division, state fire departments and the Marathon County District Attorney’s Office.


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