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MAY 4, 2015


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04/19/15 Jacob BearCub Holding For Blaine County
03/17/15 Lacey Buckles Violations of Conditional Release District Court
04/23/15 Teddy Buckman Holding For Blaine County
01/05/15 Sunshine Clampitt Warrant District Court
04/21/15 Brandon Crafts Holding For Sheridan County
04/21/15 Jeffery Crafts Holding For Sheridan County
04/08/15 Orchid Davis Holding For Daniels County
03/01/15 Grant Doney Holding  For Blaine County
04/16/15 Keenan Doney Holding For Blaine County
04/08/15 Jared Gibson Holding For Blaine County
04/03/15 Dustin Harvey Holding For Sheridan County
08/08/14 Antonio Hernandez PODD
Possession W/ Intent to Sell/Distribute
District Court
04/11/15 William Hoffman Warrant District Court Blaine County
04/13/15 Terry Holben Holding For Blaine County
04/30/15 Derk Hughes 72 Hr Hold Probation & Parole
05/03/15 Stephanie Keebler Serving Time Probation & Parole
04/20/15 Anthony Mitchell  Driving W/ Suspended or Revoked
DUI, 4th Offense
Turn When Unsafe to do so
No Proof of Ins
Eluding A Peace Officer
Justice Court
03/29/15 Daniel Morton Warrant- State District Court
Operating  Motor Veh w/o Valid D/L
Fail to Notify by Quickest Means
Justice Court
04/20/15 Raymond Nez Perce Holding For Blaine County
01/27/15 Derek Odom Holding For Sheridan County
04/25/15 Kaitlin Price Holding For Sheridan County
02/18/15 Jordale RedWolf PODD
Driving W/ Suspended or Revoked
No Proof of Registration
NO Insurance
Justice Court
04/04/15 Shawn Stiffarm Holding For Blaine County
04/20/15 Douglas Wing Holding For Blaine County