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July 28 2014


Roster Updated Mon-Fri





05/16/14 Gavin Ackerman Intercourse Without Consent District Court
07/25/14 Mary JD Anderson Warrant Justice Court
07/09/14 Michael Apoka Warrant District Court
07/05/14 Brian Bell Holding For Phillips County
05/16/14 Tanmoy Bhattacharya Holding For Custer County
05/31/14 Devan BigLeggins Criminal Contempt
Sexual Assault
Justice Court
District Court
07/27/14 Cade Britt False Reports to Law Enforcement
Intoxicated Pedestrian
Justice Court
06/27/14 Lena Carlson Holding For Custer County
06/12/14 Crystal Cliff Holding For Hill County/DOC
04/02/14 Dino Fernandez Holding For Phillips County
07/23/14 April Frost Holding For Roosevelt County
07/22/14 Jeremy Gauthier Holding For Probation & Parole
07/07/14 John Gundlach Holding For Custer County
07/07/14 Sarah Lambert Holding For Custer  County
05/18/14 Jason Leteff Holding For Phillips County
07/27/14 Pedro Lopez-Valdez Criminal Trespass Justice Court
03/18/14 Joshua McKague Holding For Custer County
03/13/14 Anthony Mitchell Warrant Justice Court
07/23/14 Kandace Poole Holding For Roosevelt County
07/25/14 Robert Shipley Holding For Custer County
06/20/14 Austin Simonson Vio of Release Conditions District Court
07/19/14 Cindy Trathen Revocation of Suspended/Deferred Sentence District Court
07/09/14 Shelby Walker Holding For Phillips County